Bug Fixes in QAComplete 12.1 - Build 12.1.193 - Feb 28, 2019

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 28, 2022
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-11023 Custom fields Fixed: When a user configured a custom field to show folder names as a drop-down list, QAComplete showed folder IDs instead.
QAC-11120 Custom fields Fixed: In some cases, QAComplete displayed values in multi-select custom fields in uppercase, even if these values contained lowercase letters as well.
QAC-11262 Custom fields Fixed: QAComplete did not properly assign values to custom fields after updating the active test runs.
QAC-11302 Defects Fixed: The performance issues that occurred when a user tried to filter the defect list.
QAC-11157 Email alerts Fixed: QAComplete was unable to send email alerts to the users who did not have read permissions for test runs.
QAC-10474 JIRA integration Fixed: Sometimes, changes in QAComplete defects did not properly invoke changes in JIRA issues they were associated with.
QAC-9896 JIRA integration Fixed: In certain cases, synchronizing items from JIRA to QAComplete was impossible due to improperly configured JIRA workflow.
QAC-10082 New UI Fixed: If a user configured the navigation panel on the item list screen to appear on the left, they had to wait for too long for this panel to appear after switching between screens.
QAC-10376 New UI Fixed: The Auto-fill from recent list showed more than 5 items even if a user had set less than 5 items for the list.
QAC-11263 New UI Fixed: If a user logged off from QAComplete and then logged in again, the Chosen Fields field disappeared from the item list.
QAC-4793 Releases Fixed: After a user had used the Auto-Fill from Recent feature to create a new build, QAComplete did not properly assign the new build to the parent item.
QAC-5256 Releases Fixed: When a user filtered the release list, some long release and child item names were not displayed properly.
QAC-7366 Reports Fixed: It was impossible to include all notes associated with an item in the QAComplete report.
QAC-11187 Reports Fixed: An unexpected error message appeared if a user tried to open the Reports screen.
QAC-10615 Rich Text Fixed: A user was not able to paste text with a proper markup from some external editors.
QAC-10397 Rich Text Fixed: Rich Text fields were not working in Internet Explorer.
QAC-11255 SaaS Fixed: In certain time zones, QAComplete saved date and time values of the previous day instead of the current date and time.
QAC-10808 Test Library
New UI
Fixed: The new print preview page was unavailable for tests.
QAC-11026 Test Library
Test sets
Fixed: Performance issues on the Test Library and Test Sets screens.
QAC-11196 Test Library Fixed: For tests that included nested tests (created by the call the test feature), these nested tests did not appear on the print preview form.
QAC-11209 Test Library Fixed: In some cases, QAComplete did not calculate the value of the Date Finished field correctly after a user finished the test run.
QAC-11246 Test Runner Fixed: If the title of a test contained tags, this title appeared empty within the Test Runner.
QAC-9261 Test sets Fixed: Sometimes, on the Test tab of the Edit Test Set form, QAComplete was not properly appending an existing test, which a user was trying to drag from the navigation panel, to the test set.
QAC-10744 Test sets Fixed: On the Tests tab of the Edit Test Set form, when a user switched between tests using the arrow buttons while applying some changes to these tests, only the test that the user had opened initially was updated correctly.
QAC-11060 Test sets Fixed: A user was unable to change the size of columns on the Tests tab of the Edit Test Set form.
QAC-11175 Test sets
Test Runner
Fixed: After a user had selected a Stop on Failure check box on the Tests tab for some test, the Test Runner did not show this check box as selected for this test properly.
QAC-11179 Test sets Fixed: It was possible to remove the Actions column on the Tests tab of the Edit Test Set form.
QAC-11272 Test sets Fixed: If the host specified in the test set settings and in a test was not the same, QAComplete did not properly assign the host to the test when the test set was launched.
QAC-11285 Users Fixed: If an existing user with restricted permissions was added to a newly created project, the user could manage the project settings even though they had no appropriate permissions.

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