Bug Fixes in QAComplete 12.0 - Build 12.0.103 - Jan 20, 2019

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 28, 2022
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-9543 Agile Tasks Fixed: After opening an agile task from the Team Task Board, a user was unable to attach any files to it.
QAC-10260 Configurations Fixed: The CrossBrowserTesting fields were not available for modification in  > Setup > System Configuration > Screen Layouts.
Custom Fields Fixed: QAComplete unexpectedly set the default value of numeric custom fields to zero, even when a user commanded to skip this.
QAC-10190 Dashboard Fixed: Dashboard charts used the server time instead of a user’s local time.
QAC-10307 Dashboard Fixed: On the Test Runs by Requirement page, failed tests were inconsistently represented in green.
QAC-10770 Dashboard Fixed: It was impossible to remove a chart from the dashboard using the settings in  > Setup > Report Setup.
QAC-10771 Dashboard Fixed: QAComplete did not show the test that had no active runs on the Tests by Last Run Status chart.
QAC-10956 Defects Fixed: In some cases, QAComplete unexpectedly set the defect’s resolution code to Fixed after a user had applied some changes to this defect.
QAC-10998 Email alerts Fixed: Enabling email alerts for the run history caused items with the empty FormName values to appear.
QAC-7099 Filters Fixed: A choice list-based filter that used the defect ID as a criterion did not show the values properly in Reports.
QAC-10269 JIRA integration Fixed: If a JIRA multiselect field contained a value with a comma, QAComplete treated this comma as a separator, splitting this value into multiple values.
QAC-10410 JIRA integration Fixed: The Export Logs button in  > Integrations appeared as inactive while being active.
QAC-10609 JIRA integration        Fixed: In some cases, QAComplete retrieved the type of a JIRA custom field incorrectly.      
QAC-10666 Licensing Fixed: A user was unable to obtain the trial license if their company name was too long.
QAC-10312 Linked Items Fixed: When creating a link to the second item in the Link to Item dialog, a user still saw the information about the first item.
QAC-10275 Lists Fixed: Custom fields appended to company-wide lists were available in the initial project only.
QAC-10809 Lists Fixed: The Manage Workflows menu item was available in the Actions menu, though it should not be available for lists.
QAC-6303 New UI Fixed: The Report Filter dialog appeared differently for the Defects and Requirements screens.
QAC-7632 New UI Fixed: An error message appeared if a user tried to access the Defects or Requirements screen when some items on these screens contained non-Latin characters in their titles.
QAC-9622 New UI Fixed: After a user had set some fields to be hidden for some states of an item in Manage Workflows, the Edit form was changing its color when a user was switching between these states.
QAC-10446 New UI Fixed: Unclear behavior of the grouping feature on the item list screens.
QAC-10570 New UI Fixed: Unwanted restriction to the number of characters was applied to all data in custom multi-select fields.
QAC-10596 New UI Fixed: After a user had changed the width of a column on the item list screen and then switched to another screen, the changes they applied were not saved.
QAC-10650 New UI Improvement: Better performance when filtering the item list using multiple criteria.
QAC-10310 Releases Fixed: The Auto-fill from recent drop-down list on the Create Release form did not include builds and iterations.
QAC-10327 Reports Fixed: After a user had changed a test’s description, the Test Runs legacy report still showed the unchanged description.
QAC-10379 Reports Fixed: The legacy reports did not show the Unicode characters in fields properly.
QAC-10649 Reports Fixed: In some cases, the Timesheet by Month and Timesheet by Week legacy reports did not work correctly.
QAC-10749 Reports Fixed: When generating a report including information on linked items, the resulting report did not contain any data in the Assigned To column for these linked items.
QAC-10763 Reports Fixed: When generating an instance-wide report on users (that is, not specific to any project), it was impossible to include information on users not assigned to the currently selected project.
QAC-10439 REST API Fixed: A non-descriptive error message was appearing when a user was trying to get data on folders or notes for test sets.
QAC-10565 REST API Fixed: A test run timer was not triggered upon launch after a user had added a new test run via the QAComplete REST API.
Fixed: Sometimes, a user was unable to log in to the REST API.
QAC-10704 Rich Text Fixed: Numbered and ordered lists had incorrect HTML code.
QAC-10399 Test Agent Fixed: It was possible to change the Test Agent settings without administrator permissions.
QAC-10716 Test Agent Fixed: The Test Agent was unable to start ReadyAPI on machines with multiple ReadyAPI instances installed.
QAC-10740 Test Agent Fixed: When a user tried to change Test Agent connection settings without providing administrator permissions, it did not work because the Test Agent still used the outdated credentials.
QAC-8814 Test Library Fixed: Clicking the Save button on the Edit Test form while adding the automation caused QAComplete to discard all automation changes.
QAC-10718 Test Library Fixed: Sometimes, QAComplete did not show the path to the ReadyAPI/SoapUI project in the Url, UNC, or local path field for a ReadyAPI/SoapUI automation.
QAC-10732 Test Library Fixed: After a user had used the auto-fill feature to create a new test, the steps in the resulting test were placed in the wrong order.
QAC-10869 Test Library Fixed: QAComplete treated big timeout values for automations as 0.
QAC-10870 Test Library Fixed: Sometimes, QAComplete did not save changes a user had applied to test steps on the Edit form.
Test Library
Fixed: The unexpected error message appeared on the Steps tab of the Edit Test form.
QAC-9119 Test Library
Test sets
Improvement: The Resume button is now unavailable for tests and test sets that have no active steps.
QAC-10556 Test schedules Fixed: If a user had removed a test which had unfinished runs from the schedule, this schedule did not command its tests to start because the schedule still treated the removed test as associated with it.
Test sets Fixed: Performance issues on opening the Edit Test Set form.
QAC-11006 Test Sets        Fixed: Sometimes, an error occurred when a user tried to switch a folder on the Tests tab of the Edit Test Set form.
QAC-5277 Test Runner Fixed: When a user opened a drop-down in the Test Runner immediately after opening another one, its contents didn’t show up properly.
QAC-10330 Test Runner Fixed: If a token test had an active run and a user applied some changes to this test, the changed steps got duplicated in the Test Runner.
QAC-10573 Test Runner Fixed: The Create Defect form was not scrollable when opened from within the Test Runner.
QAC-10701 Test Runner Improvement: Better tooltips for the timer buttons in the Test Runner.
QAC-10702 Test Runner Fixed: After a user had tried to shrink the Steps field in the Test Runner to a size smaller than the minimum allowed, they were not able to change the size of this field at all.
QAC-10797 Test Runner Fixed: After a user had created a defect and closed the Create form, the Auto-Create Defect dialog did not close automatically.

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