Bug Fixes in QAComplete 11.7 Patch - Build 11.7.1190 - February 20, 2018

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-8528 Defects Fixed: A user received an error message when trying to use the grouping option on the Defects screen.
QAC-8572 Defects Improvement: When an error message appears, if a user tries to open the item list screen, they are still able to open the screen despite an error.
QAC-8578 Defects Fixed: In some cases, the An items with the same key has already been added error message appeared erroneously.
QAC-8547 Email Alerts Fixed: The email alerts for failed test runs did not work properly.
Fast Edit Fixed: In some cases, the changes applied by a user did not appear on the Fast Edit History tab of the Edit form.
QAC-8555 Folders Fixed: In the new UI, any changes a user had applied to the folder structure were not reflected in the path to the currently active folder, and the item list screen itself was not updated after the changes had been applied.
QAC-8523 JIRA integration Fixed: In some cases, the QAComplete plugin was not able to fetch the list of sprints from JIRA, causing a Bad Request error.
QAC-8571 New UI Fixed: The Tag toolbar option did not work properly in the Rich Text editor.
QAC-8513 Releases Fixed: In some cases, an error message appeared when a user tried to access the Releases screen.
QAC-8514 Releases Fixed: In some cases, a user could not open the Edit Release form, with the blank page appearing instead.
QAC-8517 Releases Fixed: Performance issues on the Releases screen.
QAC-8527 SaaS Fixed: A user received information about other QAComplete users in email alerts.
QAC-8562 Test Library Fixed: Certain SQL queries could cause issues when a user tried to save changes they had applied to tests in the Test Library.
QAC-8589 Test Library Fixed: The information about the last run did not appear in the automated test’s record.
QAC-8542 Test Runner Fixed: A user could try to change the test step status even with the Allow Editing Steps during Test Run option disabled.
QAC-8567 Test Runner Fixed: A user with no permissions to access the test hosts was not able to run even non-automated tests.

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