Bug Fixes in QAComplete 11.6 - Build 11.6.977 - October 29, 2017

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-4794 Dashboards Fixed: QAComplete did not display the whole name of a release, iteration, or build if a user specified a longer name.
QAC-6963 Dashboards Fixed: In some cases, it was impossible to switch between releases.
QAC-7566 Dashboards Fixed: On the dashboards, titles containing Unicode characters were displayed incorrectly.
QAC-6823 Defects UI Fixed: In the Fast Edit menu, QAComplete applied grouping settings from the Traceability screen instead of those from the Defects screen.
QAC-6958 Defects UI Fixed: It was impossible to create a filter for defects based on linked requirements.
QAC-6977 Defects UI Fixed: Some formatting options were not available on the toolbar of the Rich Text editor.
QAC-6989 Defects UI Fixed: If a user tried to sort defects by several columns, the columns did not appear in the  Tools >  Sort Grid menu.
QAC-7004 Defects UI Fixed: It was impossible to create a filter for defects based on linked items.
QAC-7055 Defects UI Fixed: If the title of a defect was too long, it was impossible to see the buttons on the Add Defect and Edit Defect forms.
QAC-7091 Defects UI Fixed: A user was unable to upload an attachment if its name contained an apostrophe.
QAC-7093 Defects UI Fixed: If a user exported defects from QAComplete and the defect list included defects with empty date values, the exported file contained the following date value: 01/01/0001 12:00:00 AM.
QAC-7107 Defects UI Fixed: Defect statuses were case-sensitive.
Defects UI Fixed: A user could not edit Rich Text editor options for the Show Defects, Add Defect and Edit Defect forms by using the Rich Text editor options on the Setup screen.
QAC-7141 Defects UI Fixed: When a user exported defects, date values were displayed in the mm/dd/yyyy format even if QAComplete was configured to display dates in the dd/mm/yyyy format.
QAC-7157 Defects UI Fixed: When a user filtered the defect list by a specific release and then added a new defect, the defect was not automatically linked to the specified release.
QAC-7184 Defects UI Fixed: If QAComplete was configured to make the current user the owner of new defects, the logged in user could not make another user the owner of a new defect.
QAC-7185 Defects UI Fixed: QAComplete generated different Printer Friendly links for the Defects and Traceability screens.
QAC-7188 Defects UI Fixed: It was impossible to scroll to the last item on the Files tab of the Add Defect and Edit Defect forms if the scroll area did not fit the browser window.
QAC-7208 Defects UI Fixed: If a user who had no permissions to view and edit defect traceability created a defect, they could not add any notes to the defect.
QAC-7380 Defects UI Fixed: If a user tried to create a custom field based on SQL for the Defects screen by using the & token in the SQL statement, an error occurred in QAComplete.
QAC-7411 Defects UI Fixed: In some cases, when a user copied defects from one project to another by using the Fast Edit feature, the attachments of the defects were not copied.
QAC-7575 Defects UI Fixed: Email alerts configured for defects used the server time instead of the time configured for the user.
QAC-7576 Defects UI Fixed: An email alert for a defect did not contain the latest changes made to the defect.
QAC-7740 Defects UI Fixed: In the Defects UI Rich Text editor, unexpected visual frames appeared if a user tried to input any text by using the Internet Explorer browser.
QAC-7786 Defects UI Fixed: If names of the release and the folder containing this release were identical, it caused an error when a user tried to open the Release drop-down list on the Defects screen.
QAC-3443 Filtering UI Fixed: Some features from the old filtering functionality were not present in the new filtering UI, including expressions and multi-select drop-down lists with existing folders.
QAC-5653 JIRA integration Fixed: Synchronization between the QAComplete Rich Text and JIRA Rich Text fields worked incorrectly.
QAC-6033 JIRA integration Fixed: In some cases, QAComplete requests to JIRA projects caused performance issues.
QAC-7182 JIRA integration Fixed: If a QAComplete item contained fields with Rich Text values, they appeared as HTML markup in JIRA.
QAC-7246 JIRA integration Fixed: If a user tried to create a QAComplete item with a status that was not available in JIRA, two duplicate JIRA items were created, and only one of them was synchronized with the QAComplete item.
QAC-7532 JIRA integration Fixed: In some cases, when a user tried to synchronize QAComplete items with JIRA items, the Status field was not synchronized properly, and the Release Name field of QAComplete was not available on the mapping configuration page.
QAC-7750 JIRA integration Fixed: In some cases, the synchronization of complex workflows caused issues with statuses in JIRA.
QAC-5590 On-Premises Fixed: The QAComplete installer created 64-bit registry entries instead of 32-bit ones.
QAC-5781 Reports Fixed: QAComplete did not properly generate reports for a test set if a specific release was not selected.
QAC-7075 Reports Fixed: It was impossible to group test sets by their titles in the Test Sets Summary report.
QAC-7114 Reports Fixed: If a user created a Test Library Detail report with custom filtering, no values appeared in the drop-down list for filter criteria.
QAC-7367 Reports Fixed: If a user added the Latest Note field to a report and then ran the report, it did not return the Latest Note field and its value.
QAC-7370 Reports Fixed: It was impossible to edit or delete the last report on the Reports screen if there were more than 5 reports. The reports were invisible starting from the 6th report.
QAC-7677 Reports Fixed: If a user used the legacy reporting system, they had to manually delete the existing .rpt report file before uploading a new file. Now it is replaced automatically.
QAC-6967 SaaS Fixed: If a user viewed items in a folder and then remained inactive for more than an hour, the QAComplete SaaS server did not show the items properly on the listing page after the session timeout.
QAC-5906 Shared Documents Fixed: When a user searched for a specific item in Shared Documents without specifying the target folder, QAComplete did not show the exact location of the item in the folder structure.
QAC-7174 Test Agent Fixed: During maintenance works on the QAComplete SaaS server the Test Agent could crash.
QAC-5337 Test Management Fixed: It was possible to delete a test by using the Fast Edit feature, even if the test was part of a test set and its run history was associated with the test set. Now such a test will be marked as inactive and will not be removed.
QAC-5529 Test Runner Fixed: If a user changed the size of fields in the Test Runner and then switched between steps, the changes were not reflected in QAComplete.
QAC-7078 Test Runner Fixed: In some cases, QAComplete did not save the changes the user had made to a single test step during the test run.
QAC-7101 Test Runner Fixed: A dialog offering to save the changes made to the Test Library was displayed when the user was editing the Actual Result field during the test run.
QAC-7133 Test Runner Fixed: In Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, it was impossible to upload the same attachment file after deleting the attachment file during the test run.
QAC-7255 Test Runner
Fixed: If a user created a defect automatically upon a test failure, the Status field was populated automatically for that defect, even if the user did not specify any default values for defects.
QAC-7308 Test Runner Fixed: In some cases, if a user created a test set with exported test cases and then modified them during the test run, the titles of the tests could disappear.

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