Bug Fixes in QAComplete 11.2 - Build 11.2.348 - October 7, 2016

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-4468 Custom Fields Fixed: In some cases, values in custom fields appeared incorrectly.
QAC-4284 Dashboards Fixed: Sometimes the custom dashboard was not saved on the Dashboard screen.
QAC-304 Email Alerts (SaaS) Fixed: Sometimes the time values in email alerts were set 7 hours behind if the recipient was not located in the time zone of the server.
QAC-4491 Filters Fixed: Sometimes it was impossible to create a new filter with custom values.
QAC-3540 General (SaaS) Fixed: The internal problem caused HTTP error 500 when you tried to connect to the App1 web server.
QAC-4473 General (SaaS) Fixed: An internal problem caused a memory leak during the execution of the EmailBackups job.
QAC-4311 General Fixed: The system skipped the > and < characters during the import if they were present in the Title field.
QAC-4334 General Fixed: If a title of a test included multiple underscores without spaces, it lead to performance issues in QAComplete.
QAC-4265 Licensing Fixed: Software as Service customers could see the Manage License option available in Security.
QAC-4342 On-Premises Fixed: QAComplete used the unsigned version of stdole.dll, which caused issues during the generation of Crystal Reports.
QAC-4513 On-Premises Fixed: After the installation, redundant values appeared in the registry.
QAC-3705 Reports Improvement: You can now select custom fields in the report creation window for all projects if these fields are present in all projects.
QAC-4298 Reports Fixed: Run Details by Test Set report showed the wrong number of test runs.
QAC-2181 Run History, Test Sets Fixed: There were no records about hosts in the Run by Host column.
QAC-4282 Security Fixed: In some cases, QAComplete did not allow users to log in if they recently changed the password after the previous one expired.
QAC-3627 Team Task Board Fixed: It was impossible to open up attachments and files on the Team Task Board screen.
QAC-1816 Test Library Fixed: It was impossible to import the Run By Host field.
QAC-2758 Test Library Improvement: The left navigation panel now has the Releases tab.
QAC-2563 Test Runner, Email Alerts Fixed: The Take me there link in the test run details email was leading to a wrong location.
QAC-3026 Test Runner, Email Alerts Fixed: Various issues with the automatic creation of defects in the Test Runner.
QAC-4069 Test Runner Fixed: The Test Runner did not display the test title if you were running the test from the Test Library screen.
QAC-4131 Test Runner Fixed: Sometimes, a wrong user name appeared in Last Run By in the configuration selection window.
QAC-4135 Test Runner Fixed: It was impossible to edit descriptions of test steps during a test run.
QAC-4145 Test Runner Fixed: It was impossible to view items linked to the test in the Test Runner.
QAC-4157 Test Runner Fixed: Sometimes the Test Runner did not saved the changes made to test steps during the test run.
QAC-4168 Test Runner Fixed: It was impossible to view test attachments in the Test Runner.
QAC-4186 Test Runner Fixed: The description of test step was appearing without line breaks.
QAC-4196, QAC-4197 Test Runner Fixed: The Test Runner footer doubled up on a smaller window resolutions.
QAC-4199 Test Runner Fixed: After clicking End Test, the Test Runner have prompted you to decide how to mark all the steps even if they had marks already.
QAC-4202 Test Runner Fixed: You could not delete the last step from the test.
QAC-4251 Test Runner Fixed: Sometimes tooltips did not disappear.
QAC-4253 Test Runner Fixed: Blocked test steps became Passed or Failed automatically during a test run.
QAC-4260 Test Runner Improvement: The color of test step status icons is now changing when you move the mouse cursor over them.
QAC-4269 Test Runner Fixed: The Create Defect form did not appear when you selected End Run as Failed in the Test Runner.
QAC-4286 Test Runner Fixed: Sometimes, the End Test as Skipped button moved test steps to a wrong status.
QAC-4287, QAC-4288 Test Runner Fixed: Sometimes, the End Run as Skipped button moved test steps to a wrong status.
QAC-4297 Test Runner Fixed: Sometimes, the color of the test step did not change after the step finished successfully.
QAC-4303 Test Runner Fixed: The Skip button was not working properly for test runs and tests.
QAC-4312 Test Runner Fixed: A test case appeared as Passed if you tried to delete the last test step.
QAC-4313 Test Runner Fixed: After you clicked End Test as Passed or End Run as Passed, the test run appeared as passed, even if there were test steps in the Skipped status.
QAC-4471 Test Runner Fixed: The Test Runner had performance issues while working with huge test sets.
QAC-4515 Test Runner Fixed: Sometimes, the Test Runner was not displaying a test properly.

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