Bug Fixes in QAComplete 11.2 Patch - Build 11.2.370 - November 15, 2016

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-4644 Attachments Fixed: It was impossible to view or download files attached to test steps.
QAC-4629 Filters Fixed: QAComplete could throw the No form name passed error when creating a filter.
QAC-4638 Importing Files Fixed: When importing test cases from a .csv file, only the first test case was imported successfully.
QAC-4625 Notes Fixed: When updating notes of agile tasks, the Latest Note field of the Edit Agile Task form showed an empty string rather than the contents of the updated note.
QAC-4757 Reports Fixed: The Steps field in reports showed no information on test steps.
QAC-4708 Test Agent Fixed: The TestAgentSettings utility was able to access Test Agent settings without administrator privileges.
QAC-4689 Test Library Fixed: In Google Chrome, upon editing a title of a test and then moving to a subsequent test, the product could replace the title of the subsequent test with the title of the preceding test.
QAC-4664 Test Runner Fixed: When editing test steps, the Test Runner could fail to save the changes made to the test step status and returned them to their initial In Queue state.
QAC-4697 Test Runner Fixed: When running a test set, the Test Runner moved to a subsequent test only if all the test steps in the current test had passed, and failed to move to the subsequent tests if the current test contained skipped, failed, or blocked steps.
QAC-4684 Test Runner Fixed: If a test contained failed and blocked test steps, the Test Runner determined the test status as blocked rather than failed, and did not show the Auto Create New Defect dialog for such tests.
QAC-4619 Test Runner Fixed: The Test Runner did not show error messages for errors that occurred during test runs.
QAC-4699 On-Premises Fixed: When updating the product, the psSQLUpdater utility could terminate the updating process if the QAComplete database was too large and SQL scripts were running for a long time.
QAC-4703 On-Premises Fixed: The renewed license could not be applied to the QAComplete if the QAComplete database did not contain information on the user who originally activated the license.
QAC-4366 On-Premises Fixed: QAComplete could not import data from .csv files if a temp directory did not exist in the FileExchange folder.

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