Bug Fixes in QAComplete 11.0 - Build 11.0.100 - April 10, 2016

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-2895 Custom Fields Correct the sorting when using custom date fields.
QAC-2581 Dashboards Replace Flash technology for dashboard charts.
QAC-2842 Defects Include the time zone in the Resolved By date stamp.
QAC-3170 Filters Support temporary filter when generating an ad hoc report.
QAC-3180 Filters Support filters generated in the Test Library when generating an ad hoc report.
QAC-2834 Help Center Correct the Create Support Ticket URL in the Help Center.
QAC-1306 Import Export Handle double quotes in the export to CSV correctly.
QAC-3421 Lists Re-instate the file count for attachments on the list items.
QAC-2432 On-Premises Correct the login for an Active Directory user when user permission has changed.
QAC-2487 On-Premises When installing QAComplete, check to see if QAComplete exists before continuing.
QAC-3418 On-Premises Auto-check the qacReportEngine application on the Update Manager (Updater).
QAC-3193 On-Premises QAComplete must use a correct time offset if the server uses DST.
QAC-2512 Performance Improve performance in  > Setup > Security > Users.
QAC-2574 Project Management Correct posting work hours to project plan tasks that are linked to requirements.
QAC-536 Reports Handle large amounts of data when exporting the Test Library ad hoc report to a spreadsheet.
QAC-2096 Reports On the Test Coverage Run Details by Test Set report, return data for iterations or builds below the selected release.
QAC-2297 Reports Remove obsolete report types from Report Maintenance.
QAC-2308 Reports On the Requirements Traceability Matrix report, return requirements that are not linked to any other artifact.
QAC-2383 Reports Correct the release selection on the Test Coverage Run Details by Test Set report.
QAC-2503 Reports Correct the data returned on the Test Library Detail by Test Set Report.
QAC-2865 Reports Correct handling dates on custom fields in the ad-hoc defect report.
QAC-3417 Reports Fix the legacy Requirements Reports section.
QAC-3437 Reports Display the correct last ran date on the 11.0 Reports screen.
QAC-3438 Reports Reports with filters must run correctly.
QAC-2940 Reports The Available Fields section on the Run Report screen must work correctly for Ad-hoc reports in Internet Explorer 11.
QAC-1952 Rich Text After pasting content into a rich text field, place the cursor at the end of the pasted text.
QAC-2572 Security Support strong passwords.
QAC-2816 Security Change the message displayed when a user is trying to log in by using an incorrect email or password.
QAC-2887 Security Allow on-premises installations to hide the Save Password option on the login screen.
QAC-2904 Security Allow on-premises installations to disable the autocomplete option for the login screen.
QAC-2733 Security Eliminate cross-site scripting vulnerability.
QAC-2908 Security Eliminate session fixation vulnerability.
QAC-2903 Security Allow users to connect to QAComplete by using LDAP over SSL.
QAC-2911 Security QAComplete should use the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) mechanism for SSL connections.
QAC-2872 Setup Remove obsolete SCM options.
QAC-2943 Setup Correct typo in LDAP authentication screen.
QAC-2337 SOAP Handle multiple projects in the Bugs_LoadByCriteria method.
QAC-2478 SOAP Correct the SOAP API TestSets_LoadByCriteria methods.
QAC-2407 Test Automation Support composite ReadyAPI projects
QAC-2583 Test Automation Allow up to 255 characters in the NUnit Namespace and TestComplete Entry Point fields.
QAC-2584 Test Automation Support NUnit3 in automation.
QAC-2585 Test Automation Support NUnit 3 tests with the Test Case, Test Fixture or a Namespace parameter specified.
QAC-2267 Test Library On Fast Edit in the Test Library, load the Run By Host column correctly.
QAC-1430 Test Runner When running a test set, allow changing the results on completed tests within the run.
QAC-226 Test Set Corrected the navigation when editing tests within a test set.
QAC-2141 Traceability Links Show all closed linked items with the correct Closed status on the Edit form.
QAC-1216 Users Allow forward slash, back slash, and double quote characters in user passwords.
QAC-1596 Users Correct erroneous messages when adding Active Directory users, and then adding another.
QAC-2294 Users Identify active users correctly, so they are not timed out.
QAC-2766 Users Update the log out messages: at time out for inactivity, when security admininstrator logs a user out, and when a user logs himself out from another machine.
QAC-2925 Users Show logged in users correctly when using multiple tabs.
QAC-2930 Users Show the logged in users correctly in  > Setup > Security > Users.
QAC-2920 REST API The POST, PUT, and PATCH methods of all entities must be able to set the assignee_user_id and original_id fields.

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