Bug Fixes in QAComplete 10.2 Update - Feb, 2016

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-2301 Browser Support Make sure the Browse and Reset buttons on the Test Token tab in the Test Library are displayed correctly.
QAC-1952 Edit After pasting content into a Rich Text field, place the cursor at the end of the pasted text.
QAC-2267 Fast Edit On Fast Edit in the Test Library, load the Run By Host column correctly.
QAC-2778 Fast Edit Allow setting the Run By Host field to empty in Fast Edit.
QAC-1306 Export to CSV Handle double quotes in the export to CSV correctly.
QAC-2517  JIRA Handle empty strings in integrations.
QAC-2574 My Hours Correct posting work hours to project plan tasks that are linked to requirements.
QAC-2096, 2503 Reports On the Test Coverage Run Details by Test Set report, return data for iterations or builds below the selected release.
QAC-2308 Reports On the Requirements Traceability Matrix report, return requirements that are not linked to any other artifact.
QAC-2503 Reports Correct the data returned on the Test Library Detail by Test Set report.
QAC-2766 Security Update the log out messages: at time out for inactivity, when security administrator logs a user out, and when a user logs himself out from another machine.
QAC-2438 SOAP Correct the data issue caused by zero-width space characters.
QAC-2478 SOAP Correct the SOAP API TestSets_LoadByCriteria method.
QAC-2295 Test Library On Add Automation > Learn about these parameters, make sure the links point to the correct location in the user guide.
QAC-1430 Test Runner When running a test set, allow changing the results on completed tests.
QAC-289 Users Send the Welcome New User email to users added via import.
QAC-1216 Users Allow forward slash, back slash, and double quote characters in user passwords.
QAC-2512 Users Improve performance in  > Setup > Security > Users.

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