Bug Fixes in QAComplete 10.0 - Feb, 2015

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-512 Custom Fields Display custom text fields correctly on the Add and Edit forms.
QAC-576 Custom Fields (On-premises only) Fix the custom field choice list based on SQL.
QAC-637 Custom Fields Ensure text deleted from a custom field is refreshed.
QAC-495 Dashboards Dashboard maintenance: correct the list of available dashboard chart types.
QAC-575 Email Enable font and fill color in full screen version of send email form.
QAC-579 Fast Edit Requirements: Correct the fast edit user validation.
QAC-443 File Exchanges Allow spaces in the file exchange path registry keys.
QAC-422 Filtering Improve filtering into linkages (title).
QAC-269 Folders When deleting a child folder, leave the navigation panel folders expanded to the appropriate level.
QAC-667 Folders A new folder must be available immediately in the folder drop down list.
QAC-577 Home Page Remove reference to appointments on the Home > Dashboard > Bulletins tab for QAComplete.
QAC-496 Navigation Panel Correct the items returned when selecting a release and using the grouping feature.
QAC-474 Lists Handle single quote in the list title properly.
QAC-603 New User Ensure the Set your Password link is working in new user emails.
QAC-611 New User Corrections to the new user welcome email.
QAC-484 Notes Split notes correctly when heavily formatted text was pasted in.
QAC-529 Performance New custom field (multi-select) was causing the export to fail.
QAC-535 Performance Optimize left navigation panel (index on folders).
QAC-557 Performance Optimize the Requirement Test Coverage dashboard (return the top 50 rows).
QAC-558 Performance Optimize the Requirement Test Coverage dashboard (return the top 50 rows).
QAC-586 Performance Optimize the Requirement Test Coverage dashboard (return the top 50 rows).
QAC-594 Performance Optimize left navigation panel (index on folders).
QAC-211 Project Management Edit for empty estimated finish date and return message.
QAC-499 Project Management Take me there link from Project Management > Manage Project Plans corrected.
QAC-195 Reports Correct and clarify the active columns in the Test Set Ad Hoc Detail report.
QAC-207 Reports On the Ad Hoc Test Run report, show the assignee from the Test Library.
QAC-262 Reports Fix the resource allocaitons by project, project plan, assignee.
QAC-267 Reports When custom fields match across all active projects, they can be selected on the ad hoc report.
QAC-420 Reports (On-premises only) When copying a Crystal report, ensure the paramaters are generated.
QAC-426 Reports Return last run results for the correct release on the Requirements Traceability Matrix report.
QAC-525 Reports Ensure Error Log report is available only on on-premises installations.
QAC-526 Reports When creating a Test Library Ad Hoc personal report, save the report criteria including the selected filter.
QAC-561 Reports Ensure Daily and Weekly Summary reports are sent.
QAC-569 Reports Return test coverage for the correct release on the Test Coverage Run Details by Test Set report.
QAC-570 Reports Select the correct release data on the Test Coverage Run Summary by Test Set report.
QAC-578 Reports Ad Hoc Personal report: do not lock in the temporary filter.
QAC-424 Setup New system option in Setup to set size of large text fields by height in pixels.
QAC-566 Setup Ensure report setup is available only on on-premises installations.
QAC-406 Support Manager Handle HTML formatting in the Review My Tickets form.
QAC-405 Test Automation If the automation host is not found in the test set, pull it from the Test Library.
QAC-513 Test Automation Create the correct automation options on Test Management for new projects.
QAC-477 Test Runner When running a single test from the Test Library, if the test fails, offer the auto create defect feature.
QAC-501 Test Runner Ensure the Save, Pause, Next Test, and End Run icons are enabled in the Test Runner after clicking Save.
QAC-580 Test Runner Test Runner: Correct the last run status when closing an incomplete run.
QAC-618 Traceability Prevent erroneous connection error when editing items through Traceability on a release.
QAC-502 Upgrade Ensure ServiceManager jobs are configured correctly after upgrade.

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