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TestRunResults View

Applies to QAComplete 12.94 SaaS, last modified on December 06, 2021


Contains detailed information on the results of test runs.



ActualResult  :  nvarchar (max), allows null: yes

The actual results of the related step.

This column corresponds to a field that can be available for Rich Text Feature.

ExpectedResult  :  nvarchar (max), allows null: yes

The expected results of the related step.

IsStoppedOnFail  :  nvarchar (max 1 char, or 4 bytes), allows null: no

Indicates whether the test stops when the step fails.

IsTokenized  :  nvarchar (max 1 char, or 4 bytes), allows null: no, default: N

Indicates whether the test uses token values.

IterationCnt  :  int, allows null: yes

If the related test is tokenized, IterationCnt shows the total number of test iterations.

Seq  :  int, allows null: no

The ordinal number of the related step in the test.

StatusCode  :  nvarchar (max 100 chars, or 202 bytes), allows null: no

The status of the test step (Passed, Failed, Awaiting Run, and so on).

Step  :  nvarchar (max), allows null: yes

The description of the related step.

TestRunItemId  :  int, allows null: no

The ID of the related test run item.

TestRunResultId  :  int, allows null: no

The unique system identifier of the item.

TestStepId  :  int, allows null: yes

The ID of the related test step.

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