TestRunResult Object

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on June 20, 2024

A TestRunResult object represents a result of performing a step in the test’s run history. QAComplete creates it when you add a new TestRun object. Using QAComplete SOAP API, you can load and update test run results.


To manage test run results, the web service user must be in a security group that has the corresponding privileges – Read or Update – for Test Library. You can view or set these privileges in  > Setup > Security > Security Groups > Manage Security Rights > select user group.


TestRunResultId  :  integer

The unique identifier of the test run result.

TestRunItemId  :  integer

The ID of the parent test run item.

Seq  :  integer

The ordinal number of the related step in the test. Default value: 0.

IsStoppedOnFail  :  string (max 1 char)

Specifies if the related step is critical and QAComplete should stop the test if it fails.

StatusCode  :  string (max 100 chars)

The status of the test step performing. Possible values:

  • Awaiting Run – The step is not performed yet.

  • Passed – The step is performed successfully.

  • Failed – The step is failed.

  • Blocked – The step cannot be performed, because one of the previous critical steps failed.

Step  :  string

Description of the related step.

ExpectedResults  :  string

Describes expected results of the performing the step. Can include HTML markup.

ActualResults  :  string

Describes actual results of the step performing. Can include an HTML markup.

TestStepId  :  integer

The ID of the related test step.

ProjId  :  integer

The ID of the project that contains the test.

Relevant Operations



  <Step>Select Tools from the application's main menu.</Step>
  <ExpectedResults>The Tools dialog opens.</ExpectedResults>
  <ActualResults>An error occurred when you click <b>Tools</b>.</ActualResults>

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