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LoginInfo Object

Applies to QAComplete 12.94 SaaS, last modified on December 06, 2021

The LoginInfo object stores information on the ID, department ID and projects available to a specific user. You need this information to authenticate requests made to the QAComplete SOAP API.

The LoginInfo object is returned by the GetLoginInfo and GetLoginInfoByEntity operations.


UserId  :  integer

The unique ID of the user.

In QAComplete, you can see it in  > Setup > Security > Users > click the user name  > UserId.

AppCode  :  string

For QAComplete SaaS (hosted on, use agSP.

For QAComplete On-Premises (hosted on your company-owned server), this is typically agSPEnt.

You can see the needed AppCode value on the Setup tab in QAComplete.

ProjId  :  integer

The ID of the project with which the user worked last time.

DeptId  :  integer

The department ID of the project with which the user worked last time.

Projects  :  array of Project

An array of Project objects that describe the projects the user can access.

Relevant Operations



      <DeptName>Edgar Solutions</DeptName>
      <DeptName>Edgar Solutions</DeptName>

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