AutomationHost Object

Applies to QAComplete 14.3, last modified on February 19, 2024
This functionality is provided by the automated testing bridge that allows obtaining TestComplete test results to the QAComplete Automation screen.
Starting from the release 9.9.0, this functionality is obsolete and is supported only for backward compatibility.

An AutomationHost object represents a host (remote computer where automated tests run) registered in your project and connected to QAComplete with the automated testing bridge. Using the QAComplete SOAP API, you can add, load, modify, and delete hosts in QAComplete.

To manage hosts in QAComplete, you need a user account that belongs to a security group that has the following privileges:

  • Read, Add, Update, and Delete privileges for Automation Hosts.

You can view and set privileges in  > Setup > Security > Security Group > Manage Security Rights.


AutomaticHostId  :  integer

The unique ID of the host.

HostName  :  string (max 8000 chars)

The name of the host computer.

Description  :  string (max 8000 chars)

The host description.

CreateUserId  :  integer

The ID of the user who registered the host in QAComplete.

UpdateUserId  :  integer

The ID of the last user who updated the host information.

DateCreated  :  dateTime

The date and time the host was registered in QAComplete.

DateUpdated  :  dateTime

The date and time the host information was last updated.

Relevant Operations


Unassigned date and time values (for example, in DateUpdated) are represented as 0001-01-01T00:00:00.



  <Description>Test host with Windows 7 x86</Description>

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