Folder Object

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

A Folder object represents a folder in QAComplete’s project navigator. Users use folders to organize defects, tests and other items.

Using QAComplete SOAP API, you can add, list, update, and delete the folders. To do this, the web service user must be in a security group that has the Read, Add, Update, and Delete permissions for Folder Maintenance in the appropriate area (Defects, Agile Tasks and so on). You can view and set these privileges in  > Setup > Security > Security Groups > Manage Security Rights.


FolderId  :  integer

The unique identifier of the folder.

ProjId  :  integer

The ID of the project where the folder exists.

FolderName  :  string (max 255 chars)

The name of the folder.

Description  :  string (max 1000 chars)

The folder description. Default value: empty string.

EntityCode  :  string (max 100 chars)

The area where the folder exists. Possible values:

  • Bugs (defects)
  • Contacts
  • FileExchanges (shared documents)
  • FunctionalSpecs (requirements)
  • ProjectTasks (agile tasks)
  • Releases
  • TestCases (legacy test cases used in release 9.6.0 and earlier)
  • TestConfigurations
  • Tests
  • TestSets

IsPublic  :  string (max 1 char)

Y if the folder is public and N otherwise.

OwnerUserId  :  integer

The ID of the user who created the folder.

DeptId  :  integer

The department ID.

ParentName  :  string (max 255 chars)

The parent folder name, or empty string if the folder does not have a parent folder.

IsActive  :  string (max 1 char)

Y if the folder is active and N if it is hidden (archived).

IsVersion  :  string (max 1 char)

Specifies whether the versioning of the folder is allowed (Y or N).

FullFolderName  :  string (max 255 chars)

The folder name in the ParentFolder/Subfolder/Subfolder format.

If the folder does not have a parent folder, this value is the same as FolderName.

OwnerUserName  :  string (max 78 chars)

The name of the user who created the folder, in the Lastname, Firstname format.

NotesDescription  :  string (max 255 chars)

The last note attached to the folder.

DateCreated  :  dateTime

The date and time the folder was created.

DateUpdated  :  dateTime

The date and time the folder was last updated.

UpdateUserId  :  integer

The ID of the last user who updated the folder.

UserName  :  string (max 78 chars)

The name of the last user who updated the folder, in the Last name, First name format.

Relevant Operations



  <FolderName>Product Backlogs</FolderName>
  <Description>Backlogs registered in the product</Description>
  <FullFolderName>Backlogs/Product Backlogs</FullFolderName>
  <OwnerUserName>Doe, John</OwnerUserName>
  <UserName>Doe, John</UserName>

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