CustomField Object

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

A CustomField object represents a user-defined field in items in some QAComplete area (Defects, Requirements, and so on). Different projects and project areas can have different sets of custom fields.


EntityCode  :  string (max 100 chars)

The project area that has this custom field. Possible values:

  • Bugs (defects)
  • Contacts
  • FunctionalSpecs (requirements)
  • ProjectPlans
  • ProjectPlanTasks
  • ProjectTasks (agile tasks)
  • Releases
  • TestCases (legacy test cases used in release 9.6.0 and earlier)
  • TestConfigurations
  • Tests
  • TestSets

CustomFieldNbr  :  integer

The field number (index), from 1 to 90.

FieldName  :  string (max 30 chars)

The field name.

FieldType  :  string (max 30 chars)

The field type. For possible values, see the table below.

FieldSize  :  integer

The field’s maximum length. For default values, see the table below.

IsRequired  :  string (max 1 char)

Y if the field is required and N if it is optional.

Relevant Operations


The following table lists custom field types and their lengths.

FieldType Field Type in QAComplete Description FieldSize (Default)
Date Date A calendar popup for selecting dates. 10
Field Look Up Choice List (Based on Another Field) A combo box with a list of items that retrieved from another QAComplete area. 100
Look Up Choice List (List of Values) A combo box with a list of values. 100
Multiselect Choice List (Multiselect) A combo box with check boxes next to values (for multiple selections). 100
Numeric Numeric A text input for only numbers. 12
Phone Phone A text input for phone numbers in the NNN-NNN-NNNN format. 25
SQL Look Up Choice List (Based on SQL) (On-Premises only) A combo box with items returned by an SQL query. 100
SQL Look Up Sub Choice List (List with Sublist based on SQL) (On-Premises only) Up to 3 combo boxes, where each combo box is based on the value selected in the previous combo box. The values are populated from the results of an SQL query. 100
SSN SSN A text input for social security numbers in the NNN-NN-NNNN format. 11
Text Text A text input field.
Text fields 1..10 can be up to 8000 characters, fields 11..90 - up to 100 characters. Text fields 1..10 that are longer than 100 characters are rich text fields, unless the field name contains underscores ( _ ).
Users-All Users Choice List (List of all Users) A combo box with a list of all users registered in QAComplete. 50
Users-Project Members Choice List (List of all Project Users) A combo box with a list of users who have access to the current project. 50
Yes / No Check Box A check box. 3



  <FieldName>Critical Issue</FieldName>
  <FieldType>Yes / No</FieldType>

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