AuthenticationData Object

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

Most QAComplete SOAP API operations require authentication. To authenticate, you pass the application code, user ID, password, QAComplete project ID (or IDs), and department ID in the AuthenticationData object inside the SOAP request body. You can find these IDs on the  > Setup screen in QAComplete, or get them using the GetLoginInfo operation. For details, see Authentication.


AppCode  :  string

For QAComplete SaaS (hosted on, use agSP.

For QAComplete On-Premises (hosted on your company-owned server), this is typically agSPEnt.

You can see the needed AppCode value on the Setup tab in QAComplete.

DeptId  :  integer

The department ID.

ProjId  :  integer

The ID of the project you want to access. To specify several projects, use ProjIds instead.

UserId  :  integer

The user ID.

PassCode  :  string (max 15 chars)

The user’s password.

ProjIds  :  array of integers

IDs of the projects you want to access. To specify one project, use ProjId instead.


The authenticating user must have security rights to the project and area being accessed. For example, to manage test cases in a project, the user must have the Read, Add, Update, or Delete rights to the test cases in that project.






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