Add Releases, Iterations (Sprints), and Builds

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 28, 2022

The code below uses the Releases_Add operation to add a new release to a QAComplete project. To create an iteration or build, specify the appropriate value for the Release.ReleaseType property.

You can create other items – defects, requirements, and so on – in a similar way. Just use the corresponding operation – Bugs_Add for defects, FunctionalSpecs_Add for requirements, and so on. For a list of available operations, see SOAP API Reference.


string login = "";
string password = "p@ssword";
int projId = 10372;

ServiceSoapClient service = new ServiceSoapClient();

// Preparing AuthenticationData
LoginInfo loginInfo = service.GetLoginInfo("", login, password);
AuthenticationData authData = new AuthenticationData();
authData.AppCode = loginInfo.AppCode;
authData.UserId = loginInfo.UserId;
authData.PassCode = password;
authData.DeptId = loginInfo.DeptId;
authData.ProjId = projId;

// Preparing the release object
Release release = new Release();
release.Title = "New Release";
release.Description = "The first release of the product";
release.ReleaseType = "Release";
release.ProjId = projId;
release.StatusCode = "Awaiting Start";
release.IsActive = "N";
release.IsAutoAdjustEstDates = "N";
release.EstStartDate = DateTime.Today;
release.EstFinishDate = release.EstStartDate.AddMonths(1);

// Adding the release
int releaseID = service.Releases_Add(authData, release, "", null);
Console.WriteLine("ID of the new release: " + releaseID);


String login = "";
String password = "p@ssword";
int projId = 10372;

ServiceSoap service = new Service().getServiceSoap12();

// Preparing AuthenticationData
LoginInfo loginInfo = service.getLoginInfo("", login, password);
AuthenticationData authData = new AuthenticationData();

// Preparing the release object
Release release = new Release();
release.setTitle("New Release");
release.setDescription("The first release of the product");
release.setStatusCode("Awaiting Start");

XMLGregorianCalendar now;
XMLGregorianCalendar afterMonth;
  now = DatatypeFactory.newInstance().newXMLGregorianCalendar(new GregorianCalendar());
  afterMonth = DatatypeFactory.newInstance().newXMLGregorianCalendar(new GregorianCalendar());
  afterMonth.setMonth(now.getMonth() + 1);
catch (Exception e)

// Adding the release
int releaseID = service.releasesAdd(authData, release, "", null);
System.out.println("ID of the new release: " + releaseID);

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