Required and Optional Fields

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on June 20, 2024

Even though QAComplete WSDL defines some elements as required (minoccurs="1") or optional (minoccurs="0"), this does not necessarily mean these elements are required or optional for a specific API call. For example, the WSDL defines Bug.BugId as required, and this value is always included in the Bugs_Load result. But, you do not use Bug.BugId in the Bugs_Add operation, because QAComplete automatically generates IDs for new defects.

The required input data for API calls depends on the required fields and workflow transitions defined in a QAComplete project:

Required fields

Workflow transitions (define required fields for statuses, such as Active or Closed)

The QAComplete service does not support empty elements in requests. If you add an element to raw XML data of a SOAP request, but do not specify the value of the element, an error will occur. We recommend that you do not use empty elements in requests.

If you omit a required field in an API call, the operation will fail and return a SOAP fault. For more information, see Error Handling.

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