Record Locking

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 28, 2022

The record locking is a built-in security feature that prevents your team members from unintentionally stepping on each others’ changes.

When a team member selects a requirement, test, defect, or other object for editing purposes, the record becomes locked. If the second team member opens up the same record, they will see a read-only version. The name of the person who has locked the record appears in the heading.

For example, one of your team members opens a defect. The second team member tries to open the same defect and sees this:

The read-only record

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The second team member can click OK to view the defect, but will not be able to make any changes to it. The name of the team member with the lock appears up in the green bar. All fields are read-only.

If the team member has permission to unlock records (based on a security setting), the Override read only icon will be available in the upper right corner next to the Refresh icon.

The Override read only icon location

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This allows the team member to open up the Defect for editing, but must take care when saving the Defect, since changes in process by the first team member may be overwritten.

Allow record locking in Security

If you need to allow certain users to override a lock, go to  > Setup > Security and select the desired Security Group. Scroll down to Management Features and select the Override records locked by other users check box.

Overriding a lock

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Keep in mind that this will open up the selected item for editing by multiple users at the same time. The last person to save the item will override any changes made by the other users.

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