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AQtime Pro is a complete, top-to-bottom performance profiler and memory and resource usage debugger for all major Windows development tools (Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi and C++Builder), .NET compilers (including both Microsoft and non-Microsoft ones), Silverlight applications, Java code and for VBScript and JScript routines.

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About AQtime Pro Trial

  • The trial version is a fully-functional AQtime Pro version that helps you evaluate the product's features before purchasing the commercial version.
  • The trial period is 7 days. It starts after you activate the trial license.
  • The trial license is a Floating User license.
    Note: There is a difference between Floating User and Node-Locked licenses. If you purchase a Node-Locked license after using the trial license, you may find that some functionality is disabled. For more information on the differences, see Node-Locked vs. Floating User Licenses.

Installation Notes

  • Review AQtime system requirements.
  • You can install trial version of AQtime either on a physical or on a virtual machine. Please view the activation instructions before proceeding.
  • Please do not change time settings in your operating system while evaluating AQtime. Once you do this, the trial period will expire and you will not be able to continue your evaluation.

Activating AQtime Pro Trial License

You need to activate the trial version of AQtime Pro before using it:

Technical Support

Users of the trial version of AQtime Pro are entitled to technical support services provided by SmartBear. If you come across a problem, you can send a message to our Support Team or search for answers on AQtime forums, FAQs or in technical papers on our web site. Please visit out Support Portal for a complete list of available offers.

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For further information about AQtime, please contact our Sales Team at or call us at +1 (978) 236-7900.