How to Activate AQtime Pro Trial Licenses

AQtime Pro Trial license is a 5-day Floating User license. It allows you to run one full-functional instance of AQtime Pro at a time, on any computer or by any user in your network. The only restriction is that you can do 5 profiler runs only. After you rich that limit, you can examine profiling results. See AQtime Trial Information for more details.

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Activation Procedure

  • Download the AQtime Trial package. Downloading starts automatically after you populate a web form on the SmartBear website. You can also find the download link in the email message you received from SmartBear after requesting the product.
    Important: The installation package name includes encoded Trial license data. Do not rename the file, otherwise, you will not be able to activate the license.
  • Install AQtime.
    You can install AQtime either on a physical or on a virtual machine. We recommend that you first install AQtime on a physical machine and activate the Trial license on it. In this case, the machine will become the License Manager PC and the license will be available to all machines in your network, including virtual ones.
  • When the installation is finished, AQtime launches automatically and displays the Welcome dialog. Click Start a Trial to start using the trial version of the product. In certain cases, AQtime may ask you to specify your name, email and some other information before sending a request.
  • If the SmartBear server responds successfully, AQtime stores the license data on your computer, continues loading, and you see the AQtime window.
    If your computer does not have a working Internet connection or is unable to access the SmartBear licensing websites, you have to activate the license manually. In this mode, you exchange data with the SmartBear license server manually. Choose this mode and follow the instructions you will see on screen. For details, press F1 in the wizard window.


  • The computer, on which you activated your trial license either with AQtime, or with the License Manager utility, becomes the License Manager PC. The licensing modules running on it will control the use of the trial license. AQtime instances running on this computer and other machines will connect to the License Manager PC and request permission for the run:

    Trial License Activation

  • You should activate the trial license on one computer only. There is no need to activate it on each workstation where AQtime trial will run.
  • Automatic activation requires a working Internet connection. During automatic activation, AQtime or the License Manager exchanges data with the SmartBear web site (URL, port 443). Proxies and firewalls working in your network should allow the connection to this address and port.
  • Computers and virtual machines, on which you will run AQtime instances, need a network connection to the License Manager PC. When checking the licenses, AQtime Pro instances send requests to the License Manager PC via the TCP protocol and port 1947. The firewalls and proxies should permit these requests.

Uninstalling and Moving Licenses

After the activation is over, the license becomes bound to the License Manager PC. You cannot use the same license key to activate AQtime trial on another computer.

If you want to evaluate AQtime on some other computer, you will need a new license key. The easiest way to get it is to register for another trial on our web site.

After you get the key, use it to activate AQtime on the desired computer. Note that you cannot use this new key to activate AQtime trial on the computer where it has already been activated. You need to use some other machine.

Resolving Problems

Should you need assistance or have questions about licensing, please contact the SmartBear Sales Team:

Sales Team Contact Info
Phone: +1 (978) 236-7900

Additional Information

For information on license management and typical problems that may occur during license activation and use, see the AQtime Licensing Guide. This guide is also included in the AQtime package. You can also find answers to your questions in the AQtime Licensing FAQ list.