Duration Chart

Last modified on June 10, 2021

The Duration chart shows the average duration of each script and step (a URL or synthetic step within the script).

In LoadNinja, duration is the time it takes to perform all the actions in a script or test step, as well as the think time intervals.

Duration chart

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Working with the chart

  • To show only one graph, double-click the name of this graph in the chart legend.

  • To stop showing a graph, click the name of its graph in the chart legend once.

  • To zoom in a segment of a chart, select it with your mouse.

  • To restore the default scaling of a chart, double-click on its legend.

Chart actions

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The diagram includes the following measurements:

  • Horizontal — The duration of the test run.

  • Vertical — The average duration of a script or step in milliseconds; the number of virtual users.


The graphs that appear by default:

  • The number of virtual users.

  • The average duration of all scripts of the scenario.

  • The average duration of each script.

    If a scenario includes multiple scripts, and all virtual users fail while the first script is running, LoadNinja will not gather any data on the remaining scripts. As a result, no graphs will be shown for them.

View filtered results

To command LoadNinja to show separate graphs for each step and a combined graph for all steps, select the needed steps in the View drop-down list:

Duration chart: View command

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