LoadNinja Tests in Zephyr Squad

Last modified on October 14, 2021

Zephyr Squad (formerly Zephyr for Jira) is a test management application that works natively inside Jira. It allows planning, creating, and executing tests, tracking and analyzing various metrics and statistics, and much more.

Using the LoadNinja Load Testing Plugin along with the Zephyr Squad plugin for Jenkins, you can create Zephyr Squad tests automatically and associate these new Zephyr Squad tests with LoadNinja test runs.


To push LoadNinja tests as Zephyr Squad items, you need to install the LoadNinja Load Testing Plugin as described in the LoadNinja Tests in Jenkins article.

In addition, install the Zephyr Squad plugin for your Jenkins and JIRA instances.

If you face some issues when installing the plugin, please contact the Zephyr Squad support team for assistance.

Publish tests

To publish a LoadNinja test to Zephyr Squad, configure the corresponding post-build action:

  1. In the Post-build Actions section, click Add post-build action to select the type of reports you want to receive after the test run is over:

  2. Select Publish test result to Zephyr Squad.

  3. Specify additional options:

    Option Description
    JIRA URL The URL of your Jira instance, including the protocol.
    Project name The name of the target Jira project.
    Version The version of your project in Jira.
    Cycle A Zephyr Squad cycle.
    Cycle Duration The duration of the selected cycle.
    Cycle Prefix The prefix of the selected cycle.
  4. Click Save.

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