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Your Product Trial Checklist

1. Envision Your Future


Welcome to LoadComplete

Thank you for signing up for a trial of LoadComplete - a powerful desktop tool for load, stress, and scalability testing for your websites and web applications.

At SmartBear, we want to ensure that you have everything you need to successfully evaluate your trial. Below, you will find resources that will help you hit the ground running and immediately experience the benefits of LoadComplete. 

Have questions along the way? Reach out to one of our engineers!

2. Getting Started with LoadComplete

Record Your First Test Scenario

Create load tests within seconds using the record and playback feature and simulate realistic application usage scenarios without knowing any scripting languages.


Configuring Your First Load Test

Quickly run your tests within the Load Test Editor. Specify your desired user count, scenarios, workstations, or browsers, and then select "Run This Load Test."


3. Dig Deeper into Performance

Analyze Your Test Results

LoadComplete makes understanding test performance easy. Monitor results in real time on the Runtime Graphs page or generate in-depth reports that you can either analyze in the tool or by exporting. You can even compare tests side-by-side, so you can watch the immediate impact of changes to your application.


4. Creating Load Tests Based on Functional Tests

Convert Your TestComplete Test

Effortlessly convert existing functional tests into performance tests with a single click. While your TestComplete test is running and replicating user actions, LoadComplete will record the traffic generated by those actions. No need to create load tests from scratch.