While Operation

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Use the While operation to run child operations in a loop until the specified condition is kept. For example, your browser can send some request to the tested server and the server responds with the "in progress" message until the request is processed. You can use the While operation to wait until the “in process” responses end. To exit the loop earlier, use the Break operation.

The Think Time edit box at the top of the editor specifies the number of milliseconds the operation will wait before it starts executing.

The SLA edit box at the top of the editor specifies the maximum acceptable duration of the operation, in milliseconds.

On this page, you specify conditions to be checked on each iteration.

Note: The operation checks conditions at the beginning of each iteration. If the conditions evaluate to False at the very beginning, no iterations are made.
To add a new condition

Follow the steps on the image:

Adding condition
To edit a condition
  1. Click a cell.

  2. Type the desired value or select it from the drop-down list or a helper dialog.


    • Specify variables in the format @variable_name.

    • Do not enclose values in quotes.

    • All values are treated as strings.

  3. Select the needed comparison operation from the Operation drop-down list.

  4. Press Enter to confirm the change.

To move a condition
  • Simply drag it to the desired place in the Condition page.

To create AND or OR condition groups
  1. Select either AND, or OR on the toolbar, and

  2. Move the pointer to specify the new group’s location.

  3. Drag existing conditions to the group, or add new conditions to it.

To delete a condition
  1. Select the condition, and

  2. Press Del or click on the editor toolbar.

This page provides summary information on the operation and its child operations like the number of found errors, the list of variables used, and so on. Information on the page is read-only.

You can find information on issues in operation properties in the Summary page. Also, information about the erroneous settings is displayed in the editor’s header area.

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