Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

About AlertSite

AlertSite monitoring tools help you ensure that your Web and mobile applications are available and loading quickly. AlertSite’s global 24×7 monitoring network of 80+ global locations alerts you the moment an issue occurs and captures the detail needed to help you and your team fix it quickly.

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How AlertSite Can Help You Monitor Web Application Performance

LoadComplete and AlertSite help you track the application performance on various stages of the application lifecycle. With LoadComplete, you can test the application performance while the application is being developed and hosted in a staging environment. AlertSite, in its turn, enables you to monitor applications that are live and in production.

AlertSite helps you:

  • Ensure your web application is available and works quickly enough to satisfy users.

  • Measure the web application performance across browsers and devices to quickly identify discrepancies and opportunities for optimization.

  • Know how users perceive page load time based on their unique browser settings.

  • Compare your web application performance with other prominent companies in multiple industries.

  • Get automatic notifications when page performance falls below an acceptable threshold.

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