Activate and Use Trials

Last modified on June 16, 2022.


The computer where you are going to install and run a SmartBear product needs a connection to the SmartBear license servers:

Proxies and firewalls running in your network should allow access to these addresses. If needed, ask your network administrator for assistance in configuring the proxies and firewalls.

The access is needed both at the product start and during the product run.

Activation steps

  1. On the SmartBear website, request a trial of the desired product and
    download the product to your computer.

    Don’t rename the installer after the download!

  2. Install the product and run it.

That’s all. As you can see, no specific activation actions are needed for the first run. However, you need to complete the creation of your SmartBear account to run the product after its restart or to run the trial on another computer. See below.

Complete the creation of your SmartBear account

If you don’t have a SmartBear account when requesting the trial, we will create one for you. This account will use the email that you typed in the trial request form and will have no password. The trial version will be able to start with this account, but you need to complete the account creation to be able to use the product later.

The procedure is straightforward: after you’ve requested a trial, we send you an email informing you about the created account and asking you to complete the creation. Simply follow the link in this email and specify a password for your account in the SmartBear Licensing Portal.

How to run the trial on another machine

After you created your SmartBear account (see above), you’ll be able to install and run the trial on another computer. To do this:

  1. Close the product on your current machine. This will signal the SmartBear license server to decrease the license counter.

  2. Start the product on another machine and specify your SmartBear account at the product start.

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