Zephyr Socket Server Library

March 31, 2015

Every download of Zephyr Enterprise and Community Edition comes with the Zephyr Socket Server Library JAR included for free. This pre-compiled JAR file, when added to a Java project, gives developers an easy way to access Zephyr's SOAP API interface.

To get to this library you must:

1) Go to your desktop page of Zephyr and click the 'Automated Tools' button on the left

2) Download and install ZBot

3) Navigate to the ZBot install/home directory and go into the 'lib' folder

4) Locate the 'zephyr-socket-server-[Zephyr_Version].jar'.

The ZBot and library JAR versions are dependent on the version of Zephyr they were downloaded from - so they will change every release.

Zephyr Enterprise/Community Javadocs : http://support.yourzephyr.com/api_help/4.7/javadocs/index.html


Title:  Zephyr Socket Server Library

Product:  Zephyr Enterprise, Community

Version:  All

Summary:  Where to locate the Zephyr Socket Server Library