Zephyr server is not working suddenly, 404 error page is displayed.

December 13, 2016


Zephyr server is not working suddenly 404 error page is displayed.


Due to incorrect license.

Getting the below error in thedinc.log ( %Zephyr Installation Directory%->tomcat->logs)

"com.zephyr.client.license.LicenseException: 5227,License deployed should be of data center since server is running in cluster mode"


  1. If Zephyr is running in cluster mode.You should use Data center license. Else you will get above 404 error.
  2. Check your applied license details under Department -> Administration->About Zephyr or Click on ? (Help button top right side of the Zephyr Desktop-> About Zephyr).
  3. If it is Enterprise license please replace it with Data center license by following below steps:
    • Navigate to %Zephyr Installation Directory%-> license folder
    • Replace the Enterprise license.lic with Data center license.lic


Versions: 4.8_XXXXX and 4.8.X_XXXXX