Zephyr integration with JIRA and Google SSO

March 31, 2014


I need the configuration steps for integrating Zephyr with JIRA OnDemand with Google SSO


Needing the configuration steps for integrating Zephyr with JIRA OnDemand with Google SSO.


Step 1: Identifying/setting OnDemand password

When using Google SSO with JIRA OnDemand, JIRA has a requirement for every user to set a separate "OnDemand password" for use with various services including:

SVN RSS Feeds IDE Connectors 

While this password is separate from the user's Google account password, this OnDemand password can be used (along with the Google account user name) to access the JIRA APIs. This OnDemand password for every user (including any JIRA Administrators) can be set in following manner:

Using your Google account credentials, log in to your JIRA instance. Go to "View Profile" Update your password (as highlighted in the screenshot below). Note that this does not impact your Google SSO based login to JIRA.

Note: When new JIRA users login to JIRA for the very first time using their Google SSO credentials, they will be asked to set their JIRA OnDemand password (see screenshot below). If completed, users can use this password in Step 3 below.

Step 2: Configure the JIRA integration in Zephyr:

Once the JIRA administrator account's OnDemand password has been identified or updated as per Step 1, follow these steps to configure the JIRA integration with Zephyr: 

Log in to Zephyr as Test Manager (or any user profile that has access the Administration application) In the Administration application, select the Defect Tracking tab, select JIRA. Under Connection Info, type in your JIRA OnDemand URL (along with the additional string needed to point the Zephyr server to your JIRA instance APIs). She example below. For user name, type in the user name of any JIRA user that has JIRA Admin level or higher privileges. This is the Google user name but without the domain. e.g. If your google apps username is name@email.domain.com, then user name is "name". For the password, type in the OnDemand password as identified or set up in Step 1 then Save. To test that the integration configuration is complete, exit your Zephyr session, re-login to Zephyr from your browser, open the Project Setup application, select any project and view the "Map external defect project" pick list. Your JIRA projects will be listed automatically in this pick list.

Step 3: Have each user update their OnDemand password in Zephyr

Once the JIRA integration has been successfully configured as per Step 2, any user that logs in to Zephyr and attempts to view or submit defects, will be asked to update their JIRA credentials (see screenshot below). Alternatively, they can open the Defect Tracking app, select "New" and click on Reset Password at the bottom right hand corner. 

For the user name, type in your Google account user (without the domain) For the password, type in your OnDemand password as identified or set in Step 1 above, and then Save.

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Summary:            I need the configuration steps for integrating Zephyr with                          JIRA OnDemand with Google SSO