Zephyr for JIRA Licence not working in Jira/ Unable to update license

February 28, 2015


Zephyr for JIRA Licence not working in Jira/ Not able to update license


Updating/pasting License in a different place rather in Manage add-ons page.


If you are not able to update your license for Zephyr for JIRA, please check you have updated your license in a correct place 

Please follow below steps.
1. Navigate to Administration -> Add-ons
2. And then click on Manage add-ons don't move to Zephyr for JIRA here.
3. Once you click on manage Add-ons it will list all the installed plugins on right side.
4. Now click on the Zephyr for JIRA plugin which open up the options as in picture license.png.
5. Now paste your license in the box and click update.

Once the license is updated you are good to go with Zephyr for Jira.