Zephyr Enterprise Webhooks callback is not called for JIRA

June 27, 2017


Zephyr Enterprise UI does not refresh when JIRA issue is updated while running Zephyr on HTTPS using self signed certificate. 


As Self Signed certificate is used for Zephyr it must be added as a trusted source in JIRA cacerts. This is because call is made from JIRA to Zephyr then JIRA must be able to validate the SSL connection.  


To fix the issue add the self signed certificate of Zephyr to the Java Keystore that's used by JIRA. 

Attached is the InstallCert.java file that should automatically add the certificate of your application to Zephyr based on the command line arguments. 


1. Access JIRA server. 

2. Compile the Java file using the below command:

  javac InstallCert.java

 3. Once the compilation is complete run the java file using the below command line args:

java InstallCert [host]:[port]

Ex: If your Zephyr application is running on port 443 then the command should look like:

java InstallCert myZephyr:443

This would retrieve the certificate from Zephyr and then add it to the Java defined in JAVA_HOME 

During the execution it should ask you to "Trust this certificate", type in "yes" and enter. You should see a message saying "Certificate was added to keystore" once the execution is successful. 

4. Restart your JIRA service to reflect the changes. The webhooks must refresh the UI whenever a change is made in JIRA. 


You can verify if the cerificate is added or not by using the below command:

keytool -list -keystore cacerts