Zephyr Enterprise Database Storage Information

February 08, 2018

Average size of transaction in Zephyr Enterprise:

Zephyr Enterprise mostly has light weight calls/transactions with a few heavier load ones particular for bulk operations supported by the application. Considering both, on an average, the transaction size should be ~ 15 KB

For the Storage growth rate:

Zephyr has three components that need to be considered as part of growth:

  • Attachment storage space – The shared space where we store attachments and Avatars uploaded into the application. The growth for this should be 500 GB *
  • ElasticSearch storage space – The space where the search indices are stored – With fairly distributed load, the growth would be around 100GB a year – taking it from 200 – 500GB over the course of 3 years *
  • DB storage – Based on the average number of transactions and the corresponding size, the growth for DB would be around 200GB a year – taking it to ~1TB from 500GB over 3 years

* These numbers are based on an environment with normal load, they are subject to change in case the load/usage is skewed or on the higher side.