Zephyr Agile - Test View/By Issue

December 03, 2015
  1. Create an issue of type Story.
  2. Create tests and link test to the above created issue.
  3. Schedule the tests for execution in cycle under any version (Scheduled/Unscheduled version).
  4. Execute the test and have defects linked to it both at test and at step level.
  5. In backlog page, create a Sprint and add the above created issue (in step 1) to the Sprint.
  6. Click on Test View drop down -> By Issues.
  7. Expand the Sprint, expand the issue that is added to sprint and view the test execution details.
  8. Execution details will have ID, Status, Summary, Cycle, Defects, Executed By, executed On, [E].

Operations that can be performed in Test Board - Issue View

  1. Quick Execute/Unexecute a test to default or custom status.
    1. On quick executing a test, Executed By and Executed On will be displayed.
    2. Execution changes will be reflected in execution status progress bar along with percentage details.
  2. The count of defects linked to test will be displayed in issue bar. Note:
    1.  Defect count on the Issue bar will only show Unique count of "Non-resolved" defects.
    2.  On hovering upon defect count, it will display "n Open defects of m total unique defects".
  3. User can click on cycle name deep link and it will take user to Plan Test Cycle page.
  4. User can also click on deep links -> Issue Key, Test Summary, Linked Defects (at test and step level), User Display name.
  5.  Also tests can be executed by clicking on "E" button, which will take the user to Execute Test page.
  6. Hovering over the "Defects" information will show status of the defects (Both test and step level defects).
  7. User can switch between "Test View - By Sprint" and "Test View - By Issues" in the test board.

Please NOTE:

  1. Sprints having issues that is linked to tests which are not scheduled, user will not be able to expand the issue.
  2. When navigating to Execute Test page by clicking on [E], there will be only two links "Return to Test" and "Return to Test Cycle".


Versions: 3.1