Zapi Maven Plugin throws WebApplicationException

March 03, 2015


In case one is receiving an error like “[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.thed.zapi:zapi-maven-plugin:0.1:zapi (default) on project webautomation-dw-store-pass: Execution default of goal com.thed.zapi:zapi-maven-plugin:0.1:zapi failed. WebApplicationException -> [Help 1]” while working on zapi maven plugin integration with Zapi.


Custom mandatory fields in JIRA which are not supported by Zapi Maven Plugin. The fields supported by Zapi Maven Plugin are project, issueType and summary.


Please make mandatory custom fields to optional:

1 . Log in to JIRA as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.

2 . Choose cog button > Issues. Select Fields > Field Configurations to open the View Field Configurations page, which lists all your field configurations.

         Keyboard shortcut : g + g + start typing field configurations

3 . Locate the field configuration of interest and click the Configure link to open the View Field Configuration page, which lists all system and custom fields in your JIRA installation for that field configuration.

4 . In the Operations column, you can perform the following actions for any field:

Require/Optional — set a field to be required optional.

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title: Zapi Maven Plugin throws WebApplicationException

Product: Zephyr For Jira - Zapi

Version: All

Summary: The user is getting “WebApplicationException” when trying to build project with Zapi Maven plgin.