Zapi HTTP Status 405 - Method Not Allowed

October 27, 2016


When attempting to update an API call, for example : execution status using url for a known execution id http://jira_url/rest/zapi/latest/execution/id/execute. we receive a 405 error-Method Not Allowed. The same happens when we navigate directly in a browser and receive the same error.

Cause and Fix

  1. The API http://jira_url/jira/rest/zapi/latest/execution/id/execute allows PUT method and not POST
    Kindly refer . Make sure the correct request methods are used after referring the apiary document
  2. Make sure that you are sending the required payload and content-type information. For example in this case it should be like below.

    PathParam: id\*. PUT /rest/zapi/latest/execution/{id}/execute Content-Type: application/json Payload: {"status":"1","changeAssignee":false}

  3. Make sure in your code wherever you are passing the response to an object you are using the corresponding response method ie PUT,POST....

For the example here use the below instead of

Response response = objectVariabe.put(payload);