Upgraded my Zephyr for JIRA and I can not see any past executions

July 04, 2019


I recently upgraded my Zephyr for JIRA. Since the upgrade I am not able to see any of my past executions or data. What do I do?


When you upgrade Zephyr for JIRA you want to always make sure you re index JIRA followed by a Zephyr for JIRA re index. If you do not re index in this order immediately after upgrading, you will run into this issue.


You need to do the following steps. Please make sure you do them in the order presented as well.

  1. Re index JIRA. If you are not sure how to re index your JIRA, please see the following JIRA documentation:
  2. Re index Zephyr for JIRA. In order to re index Zephyr for JIRA, please see the following documentation:

Once you perform the following, you should see all your data clearly.