Unable to Initialize Application.

June 01, 2015


When I click on Retry button on connection to Zephyr Server pop-up, I get the message "Unable to initialize application, please contact zephyr support if this persists" .



In Windows if port Port 2038(Default RTMP port) is unavailable or blocked by firewall or any reason, the Zephyr calls are redirects to Port 80 for running the Zephyr Server. The same applies for port 443 by default to Linux OS.



You can click on try another way to be able to connect to Zephyr Server using the http port or you can implement rules to allow or restrict the port to access Zephyr server accordingly .


Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title: Unable to initialize application when attempting retry to connect to Zephyr Server.

Product: Zephyr EE/CE

Version: All

Summary: Select the Try Another Way option or Implement rules to allow ports to communicate with Zephyr Server.