Unable to import requirement after migration of Zephyr from SaaS instance to On-Prem

September 06, 2016


Getting error message while importing the requirement after migration Zephyr from SaaS instance to On-Prem. Error message (The user specified as a definer ('zephyr'@'localhost') does not exist') and attached screen shot also.


Zephyr SaaS uses "zephyr" username and on-premises uses "root". During the import the ownership of view is unclear, so getting the error. 


Perform the below steps 

  1. shut down zephyr.
  2. Login with root user
  3. use <itcc> ;
  4. Execute these SQLs. These will drop/recreate the views.
    These are shipped along with startupdata itself. NO change here.

    DROP VIEW IF EXISTS `release_testcase_count`;
    DROP VIEW IF EXISTS `release_testcase_count_intermediate`;
    CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW `release_testcase_count_intermediate` AS
    ( select `rtm`.`requirement_id` `reqId`, tc.release_Id `relId`
    from (`requirement_testcase_mapping` `rtm` left outer join `testcase` `tc` on `rtm`.`testcase_id` = `tc`.`id`));

    CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW `release_testcase_count` AS
    (select reqId as `requirement_id`, concat(relId, ':', count(relId)) as `tcCntbyRel` from release_testcase_count_intermediate as counttbl group by relId, reqId);

  5. Start zephyr.