Top Defect Impacting Testing gadget are not showing defect.

April 01, 2015


Top Defect Impacting Testing gadget are not showing defect.


There are a few reasons why this can happen. Please see below for troubleshooting fixes.


The Top Defect Impacting Testing gadget will display "the defect that will be attached to test cases". In my example I have created the defect ABC-23(my new defect) and I attached this defect to a test cases TEST_CASE1 under the <Test Execution Defect>.(Screenshot defect.png attached).

The version that you are selecting while executing the test case should match with the version that you have chosen under the gadget(screen shots version1.png and version2.png attached).

Now under the gadget pick the corresponding project name, version , status and how many top defect that you want to display and click on <Save> button. Now you will get the Top Defect Impacting testing gadget displaying the defect ID that has been attached to the number of test cases.

Please go through the attached screen shots( image1.png ,image2.png and image3.png attached) for your reference.

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title          : Cannot get linked defect in Top Defect gadget.

Product     :  Zephyr for JIRA.

Version     :  For all version.

Summary  :  Please give same project name,version and status before click on save button.