Test steps missing on Zephyr for JIRA Cloud after upgrade.

July 04, 2019


Unable to see the test steps in Zephyr for JIRA cloud instance.


a. First make sure that the group 'atlassian-addons-admin' has the 'JIRA Administrators Permission'. This can be done under JIRA Administration -> 'System' ->'Global Permissions', in the Add Permission choose the permission as 'JIRA Administrators and group as 'atlassian-addons-admin'

b. Then make sure that the user 'Zephyr for JIRA Cloud' is added to the 'atlassian-addons-admin' group. If the group is not added, click on 'Add group' and type in 'atlassian-addons-admin' and select 'Add group'.

c. Then navigate to 'Manage add-ons' as Administrator.

d. Select Zephyr for JIRA Cloud and click on Disable and Enable it again.

Once the above steps are carried out, you should be able to see the test steps.

Note:Please make sure that you have performed re-indexing of both JIRA and Zephyr for JIRA Cloud post upgrade.

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title: Unable to see test steps on Zephyr for JIRA Cloud after upgrade.

Product: Zephyr for JIRA Cloud

Version: 1.0.X

Summary: Disable and enable the Zephyr for JIRA Cloud plugin and it should work.