Showing other Issue type instead of TEST.

December 25, 2014


Showing other Issue type instead of TEST while creating test.


After Zephyr for JIRA uninstallation the Test issuetype id was occupied by another issuetype which was not able to change while installing Zephyr for JIRA again.
This results in issuetype mismatch while creating Test.




1) Uninstall Zephyr for JIRA.


2) Navigate to JIRA database and run the following queries:

  i) select * from issuetype;

  Here it will display all issuetypes along with their ID. If the ID of <Test> associated  with any other issuetype or the issuetype <Test> still exists, we need to delete this  value manually by running any one of the below query.

 delete from issutype where id='10000'; (if you know the Id of Test is 10000)

 delete from issutype where issuetype='Test'; (if you still see issuetype <Test>)


Note: If you didn't find any <Test> issuetype goto Step(ii).


 ii) Next we have to clean up older entries of Zephyr IssueType property and test step custom field property by executing below query.

delete ps, pe from propertystring ps, propertyentry pe where = and pe.`PROPERTY_KEY` in ('zephyr.issuetype.testcase', 'zephyr.customfield.teststep');


3) Install Zephyr for JIRA again.(Re-index JIRA and Zephyr for JIRA).


Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title:     Seeing other issue type instead of TEST.

Product: Zephyr for JIRA


Summary: Displaying other issuetype(example: EPIC) when creating test instead of <Test> issuetype.