Sample - Execution Report(CSV) For Cycle By Version

December 20, 2016


How to create an Execution Report (CSV) for Cycle By Version


Sample java code is provided for reference.

  1. Attached code uses a given project and version ID to construct a report template in CSV format.
  2. It then gets all cycles in the given Project-Version combination.
  3. With the cycle information gathered, the code will grab all executions inside the cycles and add execution count group by execution status as a row in the report.
  4. Finally, it creates final totals for various columns and adds them as a final row before completion. 
  5. The report is created in the specified drive, "cycleExecutionReport.csv" in F drive is created using the sample.
  6. Sample Report attached for reference.
  7. Refer the link to download the sample 

ZAPI Cloud Interactive documentation: