Sample - Create Test Issue with Steps

October 30, 2014

Code first uses JIRA's built-in REST API to create a normal issue of issue type 'Test' using provided issue parameters for required and non-required fields. Finally, it uses the newly created test and returned information from the creation process to add new steps to the new issue. Step information is provided as parameter information.

See attached for downloadable copy

ZAPI documentation:

Sourced software:

- Python (Sample created in v2.7.5)

- Requests 2.3.0 (Latest version here:


Title:  Sample - Create Test Issue with Steps

Product:  ZAPI

Version:  Zephyr for JIRA 2.1+, ZAPI 1.0+

Summary:  Create issues of type test using JIRA's API and then use ZAPI to create steps in that issue