Not able to select a value from the Version-picker in Zephyr while creating an Issue using Jira in Defect Tracking System

April 04, 2016


User has a custom filed with type as Version_picker added to Create Issue screen in JIRA and is unable to select the value from Zephyr.


We need to add the Version ID also in Zephyr to sync up with JIRA.


In Zephyr for the version picker custom field please add the Version ID with the comma as a separator and try to save it. It will work.

Adding Version ID

  1.  In JIRA go to your versions->Get the id of that version by inspecting the element.(screenshot  version_id_in_jira.png attached).
  2.  Then in Zephyr while creating the defect, please enter the inspected id to your JIRA version picker custom field with the comma as a separator (screenshot adding_version_id_in_zee) . Save it.
  3. Navigate to the created bug in JIRA and check whether version gets added or not.

Knowledge Base Document Information


Title : Pick up a version_picker while creating a defect in Zephyr when a Version_picker_custom field is added in JIRA Create Issue Screen.

Product : Zephyr Enterprise Edition

Version : 4.7

Summary : When user needs to pick the version_picker custom filed valye in Zephyr then the verison ID should be added in Zephyr as mentioned above.