LDAP - Is Bind DN and password mandatory for LDAP Authentication?

February 28, 2015

Is Bind DN and password mandatory for LDAP Authentication?


LDAP authentication fails when the Bind password is changed/updated


It is not mandatory to give a BindDN password in Zephyr. If your LDAP set with a password then it is mandatory. The Information provided under the LDAP connection info is completely related to your LDAP server.

The Bind DN and Bind Password are to authenticate your LDAP which you get when you set up LDAP directory, it may not be the same as Zephyr administrator/manager. If you are using the same credentials for both then the changes to be updated respectively.

This is for authenticating your LDAP directory to provide access and there will not be any impact on other users unless they are modified.
If you change the Bind DN password of your LDAP it is mandatory to change it in Zephyr. As Zephyr binds LDAP using this credentials to authenticate all the users it should be the same as of your LDAP server. If you provide details in Bind DN (in administrator tab) and change your password later, that will have an impact which will not allow your users to login Zephyr. So please note these dependencies of Zephyr with LDAP.