Issues causing Zephyr for JIRA Cloud to become non-functional or uninstalled

July 20, 2015

UPDATE 3 [August 4, 2015]:

After receiving information from Atlassian and reviewing our own internal logs, we've determined this is no longer a widespread issue. Atlassian is stepping in to help restore customers automatically so the impact is limited overall. 

As always, if you find yourself in a situation where Zephyr for JIRA Cloud is not functioning properly, we strongly recommend you reach out to us so we can assist.

UPDATE 2 [July 22, 2015]:

We've received word from Atlassian the root cause of this issue. As described here, a bug may have been introduced that caused a race condition and subsequent empty writes to the database and the subsequent unlinking of some plugins. In this case, our plugin, Zephyr for JIRA Cloud, was one of them.

We're also currently looking into how we can reactivate users who were previously subscribed and restore functionality automatically.

You can track the issue for yourself here. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have surrounding this. 

UPDATE [July 20, 2015]:

We've been able to determine that this issue may cause the plugin to look as if it's completely uninstalled, thus removing the Test functionality from your Atlassian Cloud instance. In these scenarios, the Test menu disappears as well as all test-step and test-execution data from pre-existing tests. While you may be experiencing the same issue as described below, we want to make it very clear that your test data has not been lost. Continue to follow the workaround provided below. We've updated the information below, as well, to better reflect this.


We're aware of an issue surrounding the weekly maintenance window for Atlassian Cloud and our plugin, Zephyr for JIRA Cloud that can cause one of two scenarios:

1. the plugin to be automatically disabled. The Test menu and all functionality created by Zephyr for JIRA Cloud is no longer available to all users

2. Usage of Zephyr for JIRA Cloud displays HTTP 401, 500, or 504 errors with reference to this message.


Referer URL: https://[YOUR URL]

java.lang.IllegalStateException: appears to be an

XML add-on


We're still investigating the root cause of the issue but we can say with certainty that the issue is not within Zephyr's cloud infrastructure and your data is safe. We're in talks with Atlassian regarding what happened and will update as new information comes in.


You can resolve this issue on your own without having to engage our support team by browsing to your Administration page of your JIRA instance, choose Add-Ons, and re-install Zephyr for JIRA Cloud. It will look like it's uninstalled and will ask you re-subscribe. Your billing will not be affected by doing so.

You may receive an error message when you try to re-subscribe. If you do, reload the page and if you aren't subscribed, try again. It may take a few tries to get it working. The message you see will look something like this:

If you are unsure if everything is working properly after re-subscribing, reach out to our support team and we can check for you. 

If the workaround isn't applicable to you:

You've reviewed the above information, you're having issues with Zephyr for JIRA Cloud either disappearing or presenting errors and your subscription status is active, please open a support case with us so we can track the issue.