Integrate Selenium, JUnit and ANT with Zephyr Enterprise/Community

August 10, 2015


Typically, a tester will need to update the Zephyr Enterprise/Community for automated tests manually through the UI interface. With the summary, steps, and attached code a tester can setup up a scenario where - after automation - they can run an Ant build to update execution in Zephyr Enterprise/Community automatically.


The attached code executes the Selenium tests using JUnit framework and generates HTML and XML reports which is used to update the execution status. A HTML parser parses the file and sends it to a post build action which updates the test status in Zephyr using REST API. 

The sample code executes the Selenium test, generates the report, parses it and updates the test case status using REST API. 

General Steps

1) Create Selenium Tests

2) Use JUnit framework to run Selenium Tests

3) HTML parser to parse the Ant generated report. (Code Attached)

4) Post build action to update the status in Zephyr Enterprise/Community based on the parsed data

5) Configuration for the Ant 'build.xml' file (code attached). The order for the file execution is important here.


See attached for downloadable copy of code and report sample. 

ZEE REST API Documentation:

Libraries Used:

-JUnit framework





Title:  Integrate Selenium, JUnit and ANT with Zephyr Enterprise/Community 

Product:  Zephyr Enterprise/Community

Summary:  Integrate Selenium, JUnit, and ANT test reporting into Zephyr Enterprise to update the test status through automation.