Import Folder Hierarchy

April 30, 2015

Importing folder structure hierarchy into Zephyr Enterprise via Excel.

Importing test cases located in Excel spreadsheets into the Zephyr Enterprise is simple through the out of the box mapping process that allows users to first, create a map designating which test case system fields and test case custom fields map to columns of an Excel spreadsheet, and second, import in the actual file by assigning it a job name. The import is brought in as a subfolder under the main import folder where test cases can be copied and pasted into local folders under the release repository but what if users want to maintain the folder structure as pre-designated in a spreadsheet?

There is a way to manage that. Here are the steps to achieve importing the hierarchy.

How to perform the folder hierarchy import process:

1. Create a map as you normally would do.
2. Create a new job with name with this particular schema: Job [[column:D;token.start:0]]
3. Starting row number of job can be 1.
4. Column D of Excel must contain hierarchy details (folder\subfolder\sub-subfolder)
5. Read Configurations below to understand token.start process.
6. Read Known Limitations and Problems to ensure you are not running into any of them.
7. Run the job as you normally would do.
8. Imported tree is immediately create directly under release (not in imported folder).
9. Logout and log back in. Imported tree is not pushed, re-login is mandatory.


1. token.start is the level of hierarchy from which we want to import tree. e.g. if tree is p1\s1\ss1 and token.start is 1 then imported tree will be s1\ss1.
2. If token.start is 0, then tree hierarchy would be p\s1\ss1
3. Default hierarchy path separator is "\" (given in Java as \\). It splits it as a string, not as regular expressions.
4. It can be customized by setting "testcase.tree.seperator" property in

Known limitations and problems:

1. Hierarchy column must be of type text. If it is a formula, this will not work.
2. Names longer than 255 chars will not be truncated.
3. Instead of seeing imported tree name, "null" is created. It means that either the tree name couldn't be read from excel (it should be of type text in excel) or token parameter is wrong.
4. This process is currently not available for the requirements import – just for test cases.


Title        : Import Folder Hierarchy 

Product    : Zephyr Community/Enterprise Edition.

Version    : For all version.