How to trigger running UFT scripts from ZEE

September 07, 2016

You can trigger your UFT test right from Zephyr using Zbots. Zephyr Bots or ZBots are software agents that reside on target automation systems and form the link between the Zephyr Server and the automation tool being used on the target automation system.

Using Zbots you would be able to trigger UFT scripts from Zephyr and then update the execution status in Zephyr based on the outcome of the UFT script. The below link should help you get started about Zbot. Have a look at it and let me know if this helps:

There are two steps involved in integrating UFT test scripts with Zephyr.

  1. UFT test cases shoud be triggered from zbot. As you are aware, UFT test scripts can be triggered from command line using the executable mdrv.exe. Once you have authored your automation script in UFT  please create a corresponding test case in Zephyr and map the same. Now you can make this test zbot executable. Place your UFT script command in a batch file and have zbot trigger it. I have below given the command syntax of mdrv.exe as an example for your reference. This is just a simple one and you have a lot of options available for mdrv.exe
    C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Unified Functional Testing\bin>mdrv.exe -usr "C:\Users\test.tester\Documents\Unified Functional Testing\GUITest1\GUITest1.usr"
  2. You need to write a parser to parse the results of your UFT automation script. This parser implementation should be used along with Custom ZIPs of zbot. Now zbot will parse the results using custom ZIPs and update the status back in Zephyr.

This will be a one time setup and you can re-use the same for all your Automation tests. We will be happy to assist you if you run into any issues while doing this.Kindly use the option "Submit a Case" to raise a ticket with us after logging into ""